Scene: Pentagon Scene and Outside Wheeler Labs

Significant Details

He looks like a mysterious, secret service agent. Looking down on John. Lighting behind him – links to revelation.

What is John doing when William appears?

He is breaking russian codes that are imbedded in radio frequencies. John wants to know more, but they shut him down.

He is going home after work in the dark, working on stuff he hasnt been enjoying much.

Film Techniques to show William

Point of view/low angle shot looking up from John’s perspective seeing John. Dialogue “Who’s big brother?” Same with Charles, always here him before you see him.

What is William to John?

He represents paranoia – stress related from his job, having to think really hard to break heaps of codes. Intellectual stimulation. When John is bored or is rejected from doing something, William gives him another problem to solve. John always wants to be achieving excellence and William provides the stimulation to keep John satisfied with his work. John becomes bored and then William appears.

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